Local Service Projects Benefit Englewood
Rotary is built on the concept of "Service Above Self" -- emphasizing the importance of giving back to one's profession and community to help others. 
As one of Englewood's leading charitable and service organizations, The Rotary Club of Englewood has provided countless hours of volunteer service and significant monetary support for a variety of local causes since it was founded in 1959.
For nearly 60 years, the club has divided its service to the community between hands‐on, volunteer projects, and fund raising to help organizations and causes. We have helped with issues ranging from illiteracy and domestic violence to homelessness, poverty and protection of the environment. 
The club’s philosophy is to provide general assistance wherever it is needed – thus it has provided volunteers for everything from building homes for low‐income families to cleaning up Englewood's beaches to delivering hot meals to the needy. 

In addition to providing financial support for worthy causes through our Rotary Cub of Englewood Charitable Fund, we also regularly provide hands-on volunteer service where its needed. 
We help mobilize local volunteers through our Englewood Rotary Community Volunteer Corps. And several times a year our club members provide hands-on assistance to help an organization in need -- often working onsite to provide help. We participate in a water safety and drowning prevention project each year as well, working with other Rotary clubs in the area. 
 Our hands-on service includes planting and maintaining the  Veterans Memorial and Freedom Pavilion.
Hands-on service is a key part of Rotary's mission. The opportunity to volunteer in the community provides rewards for those who wish to help others, while improving the quality of life in Englewood.
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