Let the Mini Reef bring your waters to life by providing a nursery habitat to help hundreds of native fish and crabs grow up.

Abundant clean water is the foundation of our region’s environment, quality of life, and economy. Unfortunately, massive amounts of polluted water are entering our waterways from development, fertilizers, septic tanks, and discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Much of coastal Florida was transformed with dredge-and-fill operations that created canals to maximize waterfront development. These canals provided homeowners with easy water access to our diverse waterways. They also led to the loss of mangroves and wetlands that provided natural filtration of pollutants and are devoid of wildlife. Worse, the cumulative effect of the algae and nutrients being introduced into our waterways has further intensified the effects and frequency of red tide.

We look to our elected officials to enact public policy to solve the quality of our local waterways, but everyone can help.  

Here is one way YOU can make a difference and protect our water and restore wildlife habitat.

The non-profit Ocean Habitats installs Mini Reefs in canal systems to provide nursery
habitat to help hundreds of native fish and crabs grow up. Artificial reefs offer mangrove-like nursery habitat in dockside settings. These artificial reefs will encourage the growth of filter-feeding organisms that clean seawater, as well as, recreate an environment that mimics the safety of mangroves for juvenile fish.


The Mini Reef brings life back to the waters, as it floats under your dock out of sight . Each one of these mini reefs develops its own ecosystem full of thriving marine life. First, small shrimp, crabs and baby fish use the structure as a safe place to avoid predators, but soon other residents move in.

Over 150 different filter feeders like sea squirts, barnacles, and oysters grow on the Mini Reef. They spend their days eating the green plankton out of the water passing by. A fully developed mini reef can clean all the plankton out of 30,000 gallons of seawater a day! Attracts bigger fish and mammals, too.

  • For Brackish and Saltwater Use
  • Grows over 300 fish & crabs per year
  • Filters over 30,000 gallons of water per day
  • Floats under your dock and rise up and down with the tides. Dimensions are 24"Wide x 36"Long x 24"deep
  • Estimated to last 75 years

If you would like more information or to purchase a Mini Reef go to https://www.oceanhabitatsinc.com


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