Rotary Means Business

This is a monthly Fellowship event, attracting Rotarians from the Englewood area who seek to network in an informal after-hours social setting.


Rotary Means Business is a Fellowship Group that seeks to promote commercial trade and the exchange of business ideas among Rotarians

There is much to do in Rotary beyond weekly Rotary Meetings. In fact, there are many Fellowship groups but one, in particular, is of great interest to Rotarian professionals: Rotary Means Business. This Fellowship of businesspeople holds a monthly event in a different location, usually after 6 pm when working professionals can attend. The events allow every attendee to share a brief introduction about their business and how they can help their fellow Rotarians or their referrals.

Here are some basic essentials for attending a Rotary Means Business event:

  • Bring plenty of business cards: Quite often there can be well over 100 attendees to these events.
  • Have your elevator speech ready: Let people know who you are and what you do with 2-3 sentences.
  • Dress professionally according to your industry: Show others you are ready to do business by showing your branded apparel.
  • Smile and have eye contact: People enjoy doing business with other individuals who are approachable and happy to attend the event.

Rotary Means Business is often reserved for active Rotarians who are members of a local Rotary Club. However, Rotarians are encouraged to bring one guest as a way to introduce them to the joy of Rotary membership.


  • RMB brings Rotarians back to one of the founding Rotarians’ main emphases: BUSINESS NETWORKING; and strengthens our Vocational Lanes
  • RMB provides chances for expanded business and professional opportunities by bringing Rotarians together in a broader, cross-club social business-networking environment
  • RMB provides a structure to bring “business” back into Rotary in a way that supplements rather than competes with the service and fellowship aspects of Rotary
  • RMB provides opportunities for qualified guests to experience the value of Rotary, learn more about Rotary, and possibly become Rotarians
  • RMB supports member retention as Rotarians see the value added by Rotary and RMB
  • When we are able to provide opportunities to strengthen the businesses represented at Rotary, our members will be stronger creating stronger clubs
  • With Stronger Rotary will be stronger, The Rotary Foundation is stronger, and therefore we are able to do more to make our communities stronger


The Members Directory is a great place to find Rotarians. Here you will be able to search by many variables including country, state, city, business categories, Rotary clubs, and more.

To become a member you must be a member in good standing of a Rotary club.

Rotary Means Business Fellowship dues: $15.00 per year or $75.00 for a lifetime membership.



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